How Technology Is Changing Education from Wine into Water

For centuries, education was scarce and costly, reserved for the privileged few with the right and the need to take advantage of it. Today we support universal access to education as a basic human right–but old mindsets are hard to shake. Deep down underneath, we instinctually regard education as a limited resource, an expensive elixir to be […]

How Competency Based Education Will Drive Improvements in Assessment

With a simple change of routine, my third-grade teacher transformed my understanding of school. Each day, Miss Meloche listed the required work on the blackboard. The pace, sequence, and method for getting through these activities was up to us. And when we were done: free time! (Well, not completely free. But burrowing into a book […]

A Nation of Readers?: Why to Get Your Favorite Man a Book for His Birthday

In January, the National Endowment for the arts published the results of the 2012 Survey of Public Participation in the Arts. Some fascinating stuff on reading for pleasure (that is, books not required for school or work) by U.S. adults.  I found these highlights interesting: 54.6% of U.S. adults read a book not required for […]

How to Cultivate a Portfolio of Leaders: What Any Manager Can Do

Two simple reasons to cultivate a diverse portfolio of leadership styles: plenty of great leaders don’t fit the picture of the charismatic and assertive natural leader, and diverse leadership teams perform better. So, how do we move beyond “admiring the problem” of the implicit biases (against women, minorities, etc.) in hiring and promotions?  At the company […]

A Portfolio of Leaders: Why Embracing Variety Makes Sense

Our culture has a fairly consistent view of the natural leader. He’s self-confident, outgoing, assertive, even charismatic. His voice dominates, and because he’s the best at everything, he calls the shots. And he’s a guy. This picture certainly matches the current reality. White men comprise about 70% of executive teams and boards of directors in […]