About me

Denise WydraI believe in the importance of education and literacy, and I’m excited about the potential for renewal that new technologies and new priorities can bring. We need more people who can think clearly and creatively, more people who can solve problems and make change happen.

Still, I have lots of questions, and I don’t think anyone has all the answers.

I’ve spent over 20 years working with the best teachers, students, entrepreneurs, experts, and creative teams to build solutions that help teachers teach and help students learn.  I know how much care and professionalism it takes to create something of value.  And I know that we need new solutions.

A culture of innovation and the best possible leadership are invaluable tools in creating meaningful change. New models are emerging all the time.  We need to set ourselves up for success.

I’ve never been one to paint by the numbers or stick too long with received wisdom.  Important ideas happen in the boundary zones between traditional approaches; amazing new dishes can be made by combining unexpected ingredients.  And sometimes the smallest questions can lead to big changes.


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